Security systems in Ibiza


Thanks to SIMA, the security systems division of Grupo Apagafoc, you have the possibility to implement your access control system in Ibiza quickly and efficiently. Whether it is for capacity requirements or for special protection reasons, we can install and maintain the most modern equipment on the market. In addition, you will have the support and back-up of our team of technicians who will train your employees in their use.

Photography of a person putting his or her finger in an access control device

Featured access control services

  • Identification systems

  • Access, presence and visitor control, readers and coded, microchip, magnetic stripe or barcode cards.

  • Readout terminals

  • Locks, electronic keys and keypad, key or code access systems

  • Access control panels

  • Stand-alone readers

  • Remote access and presence control systems for vehicles

  • Proximity: terminals, readers and cards

  • Time and attendance, time and attendance and visitor control systems


We protect you against any type of theft or attempted intrusion in your property or business. At SIMA we offer you a wide selection of detection and deterrent systems, probably the most advanced in the sector. Furthermore, our connection to the Alarm Reception Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At Grupo Apagafoc we take your security very seriously.

Fire alarm button installed on a wall by Apagafoc Ibiza

Featured alarm services

  • Intruder detection and deterrence systems

  • Active beam barriers: infrared (IR), microwave, and laser

  • Door opening detectors (magnetic)

  • Volumetric detectors

  • Motion detectors

  • Seismic, vibration or shock detectors

  • Radio detection systems and wireless devices

  • Indoor and outdoor sirens

  • Transmission to PBX and via IP


Backed by the leading brands and professionals in the video surveillance sector, SIMA implements closed-circuit television (CCTV) to guarantee efficient control of your commercial or industrial activity. We are sure that we have an image capturing system that adapts perfectly to your needs and we offer a comprehensive maintenance service for them.

View of a surveillance system being activated in Ibiza

Featured surveillance services

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems and Equipment

  • Transmission and reception of images and voice

  • Closed-circuit television cameras - CCTV

  • Infrared (IR) thermal cameras

  • Columns, brackets and housings

  • Digital video recording and storage (HDD, CD-ROM, DVD)

  • Optics and lenses

  • CCTV monitors for closed-circuit television surveillance

  • Display quadrants, Quads

  • Camera modules

  • CCTV access control systems

  • Telesurveillance

  • IP video surveillance: Network cameras, servers and video recorders

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