Below is an updated list of all the certifications held by the Apagafoc Group, both in its Fire Protection Systems and Security Systems divisions. You can also consult and download our Quality Policy, which we follow strictly and meticulously in all our work.

Emergency exit view with a fire door installed in Ibiza
  • Certified in its quality management system according to ISO 9001:200

  • Approval of SIMA SEGUR PITIUSAS by the D.G.P. number 3474

  • APAGAFOC S.L. authorised by D.G.I. as authorised installer maintainer N0


Whether you need to implement a Self-Protection Plan in your company due to regulatory obligations or if you need to carry out personalised training, at Apagafoc we offer different activities (talks, workshops, drills, practices, ...) both in our premises and in your own establishment. We make the training activities enjoyable and participative and we have the only "trainer" capable of recreating different types of fires, as well as a smoke generator machine ideal for more realistic simulations.

Firefighter during firefighting training at Apagafoc Ibiza

Featured training services

    • Talks to the emergency teams on the actions to be taken in each situation, with Powerpoint presentations, videos and other illustrative materials.
    • On-site explanations of the available fire-fighting equipment, evacuation routes, maintenance, handing out of cards with the functions of each person.
    • Drills with real smoke generated by a machine, drill reports in terms of evacuation times, good practices...
    • Fire extinguisher training with real fire using an approved, safe and environmentally friendly "trainer" that recreates large Class B and Class A fires using a vertical panel.
    • Smoke generator machine, with which you can make more realistic simulations, test the operation of the fire detection system and improve the preparedness of the emergency teams.
    • Foam generator machine to recreate the "foam diving" exercise.


Following our quality policy and due to the numerous enquiries made to our technical department, we provide our customers and interested parties with an informative bulletin in which we compile all the relevant information regarding legislation in the sector. In addition to receiving all the information that may affect your business or industry, we will send you exclusive promotions to adapt your business to current and future regulations.

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