Fire protection in Ibiza


Specialising in fire prevention, if you are looking for passive protection solutions in Ibiza, Apagafoc is your best ally. We are the only company on the island that has a permanent stock of fire doors of any size, we have a large warehouse full of fireproof paints and we can boast of offering the most complete catalogue of fire protection plumbing materials.

Fire door installed on an emergency exit in Ibiza

Featured Prevention Services

  • Fire doors

    Wide variety of dimensions, textures and degrees of fire resistance. We highlight the doors approved for "GESA".

  • Passive safety solutions

    Fibrosilicate sheets, sprayed mortar, expandable foams, intumescent gaskets, transparent glass, gap sealing, etc.

  • Emergency lighting

    All types of signage against fire and other hazards.

  • Self-protection and emergency plans

    Development and implementation, trainings with live fire, smoke machine drills.


We install and maintain all types of fire detection systems in Ibiza (both analogue and digital) from the main companies on the market: Siemens, Notifier, Apolo, Kilsen, Guardal, Gent, Vulcan, Aguilera, Cerberus, ... Our staff is qualified for all tasks, complying with our quality policy and certifying compliance with the UNE 23007-14:2009 standard.

A fire alarm installed in a wall by Apagafoc Ibiza

Featured Detection Services

    • Fire alarm systems: analogue, conventional, wireless, fire extinguishing systems
    • Ionic and photoelectric smoke detectors
    • Temperature detectors
    • Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Programming of sirens and exit modules according to emergency plan
    • Graphic software to visualise plans
    • Multisensors combining 2 detection systems
    • Interfaces for different applications
    • Sirens
    • Panic buttons
    • Flame detectors
    • Lightning detectors


Certified by the TÜV in all activities with fire extinguishers, at Apagafoc we are experts in fire extinguishing systems. In our warehouse in Ibiza you can find any type of extinguisher (powder, CO2, for nautical use) and automatic extinguishing systems of various types (transformers, CPDs, archives). Of course, you can rest assured that our technicians will check them periodically and thoroughly, always going one step further than the current legislation.

Featured Extinguishing Services

    • Periodic and exhaustive review in accordance with current regulations and following our strict quality policy.
    • ABC multi-purpose powder extinguishers, CO2 gas, FE-36 gas and FE-13 gas, foam extinguishers, water extinguishers, FM-200, NOVEC ...
    • Depending on the space or vehicle to be protected, we calculate the kg of extinguisher and the most suitable type of gas.
    • We calculate the necessary cylinders, install the cross detection, the high pressure piping network, industry legalisation certificates.

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